Oct. 03, 2023

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania House Democrats rammed through a fast-tracked, non-negotiated Tax Code bill Tuesday that Rep. Joshua D. Kail (R-Beaver/Washington) said creates false policy choices and could have been better crafted had Democrats seriously engaged with Republicans in creating the legislation.

“The Tax Code bill Democrat leadership has fast-tracked today, without bipartisan negotiation or input, marries good policy with bad choices and a laundry list of unliteral Democrat priorities,” said Kail. “Democrats are once again creating unnecessary false choices in the advancement of legislation that shows they are motivated more by political ends than helping Pennsylvanians truly in need.” 
According to Kail, the House Republican Policy Committee has been on the road during the summer hearing from Pennsylvanians struggling to make ends meet, how Pennsylvania can be more competitive with other states, and what growth opportunities exist in the Commonwealth. 

“It is clear Pennsylvanians need their Legislature to start working for them, but this Tax Code bill wastes the opportunity to advance good policy for the Commonwealth by incorporating unilaterally developed tax-and-spend Democrat priorities that will ultimately hurt Pennsylvanians at the benefit of special interests,” Kail added. “This unserious budget completion guesswork that does nothing but put Pennsylvanians in a worse position needs to end and Democrats need to get serious about moving Pennsylvania forward.”

Representative Josh Kail
15th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives