Jan. 22, 2019

HARRISBURG – First-term legislator Rep. Joshua Kail (R-Beaver/Washington) today announced he has been assigned to serve on five standing House committees during the 2019-20 legislative session: Education, Children and Youth, Commerce, Gaming Oversight, and Liquor Control.

Kail said he is particularly pleased with his assignments on the Education and Children and Youth committees.

“One of my top priorities is to make sure our kids are educated in relevant industries, so they are prepared to be successful in the jobs we have available in Pennsylvania,” Kail said. “At a time when we are welcoming new industry to our state, it’s especially important that we have a higher education system that lines up with current workforce demands.”

“My previous experience working with Beaver County’s Children and Youth Services will help me a great deal in understanding the issues facing our young people, especially during vulnerable times in their lives,” Kail said.
Responsibilities of the committees on which Kail will serve are as follows:

• The Children and Youth Committee studies adoption and child protection issues, along with child day care services, infant/child/mother health issues, juvenile delinquency, and adolescent and teen problems.
• The Commerce Committee is responsible for originating legislation and overseeing implementation of programs which affect Pennsylvania companies. The committee has primary jurisdiction over corporate governance through the business corporation law, as well as regulation of offers of sale and credit through such statutes as the Goods and Services Installment Sales Act, the Unfair Sales Act, and the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act.
• The Education Committee works on state issues involving public and private schools, encompassing pre-K through grade 12 basic education, as well as post-secondary education.
• The Gaming Oversight Committee oversees slot machine gaming, bingo, small games of chance, amusement laws and table games in Pennsylvania. In addition to its legislative responsibilities, the committee has oversight of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and aspects that deal with gaming within the Department of Revenue, the Office of Attorney General and the Pennsylvania State Police.
• The Liquor Control Committee is responsible for issues relating to the administration of alcoholic beverage licenses and the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages.

“Serving on each of these committees will give me a greater understanding of the issues facing Pennsylvania, and most importantly, will help me serve citizens of the 15th District to the best of my ability,” Kail added.

Representative Joshua Kail
15th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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