House Republican Policy Press Conference

Feb. 06, 2023 / Embed

Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee Josh Kail holds a press conference to explain why families and businesses continue to struggle with high energy costs.

House Republican Policy Committee

Feb. 06, 2023 / Embed

The House Republican Policy Committee discusses rising energy prices throughout Pennsylvania.

House Republican Policy Committee Meeting

Feb. 02, 2023 / Embed

The Republican House Policy Committee discusses how to further empower Pennsylvania's workforce.

Open the House Press Conference

Jan. 30, 2023 / Embed

Rep. Josh Kail and members of the PA House GOP Policy Committee hold a press conference urging PA House Speaker Mark Rozzi to open the House and start conducting the people's business.

House Republican Policy Committee

Jan. 30, 2023 / Embed

To advocate for the diverse needs of all Pennsylvania students, the House Republican Policy Committee held an informational hearing and subsequent press conference on how our K-12 schools are funded.

House Republican Policy Committee - Pennsylvania Made

Jan. 27, 2023 / Embed

Discussing Ways to Propel Pennsylvania's Manufacturing Opportunities.

House Republican Policy Committee Hearing

Jan. 23, 2023 / Embed

The PA House Republican Policy Committee holds a hearing on - Constitutional Amendments – Why We Care.

Kail Launches Republican Policy Committee, Names Deputy Chairs

Jan. 23, 2023 / Embed

In working to develop public policies to address Pennsylvania’s most critical issues and open the discussion on the caucus’ goals, House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Joshua D. Kail set the vision of the Republican Policy Committee and announced 14 of his colleagues will serve as deputy chairs for the 2023-24 Legislative Session.

Kail on Articles of Impeachment

Oct. 26, 2022 / Embed

PA State Rep. Josh Kail speaks at a press conference announcing a House resolution to pursue Articles of Impeachment against Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner

All as a Result of Inaction of Philly's DA

Jun. 29, 2022 / Embed

Rep. Josh Kail urges passage of his resolution to create the investigative Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order as efforts continue to address skyrocketing crime rates in Philadelphia and impeach District Attorney Larry Krasner.